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How to make the MacBook Air SuperDrive work with any Mac

Note: for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and later, please see this updated post instead. (Edited/clarified Nov. 2012, Nov. 2013, Jan 2015 and June 2016)  The story is this – a while ago I replaced the built-in optical disk drive in … Continue reading

28. October 2011 by luz
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Secure Cloud Storage with deduplication?

Last week, dropbox’s little problem made me realize how much I was trusting them to do things right, just because they once (admittedly, long ago) wrote they’d be using encryption such that they could not access my data, even if … Continue reading

28. June 2011 by luz
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The only one who really cares about your data is you!

Once more, yesterday’s Dropbox authentication bug shows a fundamental weakness of centralized services. Dropbox is just a high profile example, but the underlying problem is that of unneeded centralisation. Every teenager who starts using facebook is told how important it … Continue reading

21. June 2011 by luz
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iCloud sync speculation

Here’s my last minute technical speculation what iCloud will be in terms of sync :-) It’ll be sync-enabled WebDAV on a large scale. I spent the last 10 years working on synchronisation, in particular SyncML. SyncML is an open standard … Continue reading

06. June 2011 by luz
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How to Flattr charities?

Returning at home from vacation, I found my (physical) mailbox filled mostly with request from charities for money. Most of them I did pay something in the past and am willing to pay again. But digging through that heap of dead … Continue reading

07. May 2011 by luz
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Why doesn't this exist already? [August 2010: now it does]

Why doesn’t this kind of device exist for a long time already? Since I have a MacBook PRO which allows using multitouch gestures on the trackpad (especially scroll and zoom) I miss these a lot when I work on a … Continue reading

21. August 2009 by luz
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The internet hasn't reached the mobile yet

The latest example of Apple’s walled garden policy around the iPhone – they apparently pulled Google Voice App – makes me think if the internet has really reached the mobile space. Of course, technically it has, a long time ago. … Continue reading

28. July 2009 by luz
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